Savannah Guitar Lessons


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There is a wide range of styles represented below for you to listen to. To get a full understanding of the kind of player I am, please listen to some tracks in each category. These are taken from some of the albums and commercials I have done, as well as some of the bands I've been in. I play all the guitars and guitar related instruments as well as bass on some of the tracks. - Peter

Bass and Guitar Teacher - Beginners Through Advanced

After graduating Cum Laude from Boston's Berklee College of Music with a degree in Arranging and Composition, Peter taught the Jazz Program at Georgia State University from 1982-1988, including Guitar, Bass, nine levels of Improvisation, Jazz Theory, Guitar Lab, and small groups. He originated the Jazz Guitar Program at GSU for both Bachelor's and Master's degree levels, and has taught students of all levels privately for many years.

He plays and teaches most styles, including Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Folk, Blues, Country, Funk, Pop, etc. and is available for private lessons in Guitar, Bass, or Jazz Theory. He evaluates each student's strengths and weaknesses and customizes their lessons to help them gain a thorough knowledge of their instrument and the musical concepts involved in whatever style they desire to play.

"I call him the Maestro for good reason! Whatever your skill level, Peter will work with you to achieve your goals as a guitar player. He is an encyclopedia of musical knowledge and can guide you on equipment, effects, amps, guitars, etc. His lessons include the why of musical theory as well as the how to play. He has made me a better guitar player and holds me accountable for weekly drills and improvement. Cannot recommend any higher…thanks Maestro!" David Hubner