About Our Videos...

The Peter Hennes Orchestra will make your event the time of your life! Our videos give you the experience as much as possible of seeing the band live, so you can have absolute confidence in choosing us. They are recorded 100% LIVE AT EVENTS. There are no fancy edits or staged songs with dubbed in sound tracks that were recorded and edited in a studio and then synced to the picture like you will see with many other bands' videos (even though those other bands write LIVE in the titles of their obviously staged studio videos) because we feel you deserve to know exactly what you are getting. Our videos are shot by one of our crew members while we perform for our clients. They're what our audience sees and hears with no fixes whatsoever - the plain, honest truth about what we can do for you at your event!

Each panel below contains several videos in a play list format. Click on the "playlist" icon on the video control bar to select the videos you want to hear.
For the complete collection of our videos, please visit our YouTube Channel.