Galleria Marchetti Wedding 6/28/08

From the bride:


All I can say is “Wow.” Seriously … “wow.” Jim and I were floored with your performance last night. Your execution, delivery, professionalism, and talent made for a truly seamless night. We were honored to have you and your EXTREMELY talented group of individuals share in our celebration. If it wasn’t for you and your group, our celebration would have been incomplete. Aside from comments from our guests along the lines of “Best Wedding Band Ever,” “Where did you find them?”, “They are incredible!”, etc., etc., my mother said to me today, “Do you know who I really liked meeting yesterday?” And I said, “No, who?” And she said, “Peter Hennes. He was so nice!”

You and your group were everything I dreamed of and more.

Thank you for everything, and we hope that you and your group are as proud of yourselves as we are to have had you with us last night.

Mindy Kedvesh