Selecting Your Wedding Ceremony Music

ceremonyOur clients often have us play for their wedding ceremony and need our help organizing and selecting music. We normally play for about a half hour as the guests are arriving and being seated and a half hour for the ceremony. Most brides and grooms request a variety of classical pieces for the seating of the guests, leaving the choice to us, but we can also mix in some popular or Jewish music if desired.

Brides and grooms are most involved in choosing music for the ceremony itself. The best way to approach this is to first have a final order for the procession, so that we can see where the logical places to change music would be. Typically, we need to choose one to three pieces for everyone until the bride. The bride needs a piece of her own, and we need some music for the recessional. Let’s look at a simple procession example:

  1. Officiant
  2. Parents of the Bride
  3. Parents of the Groom
  4. Four Groomsmen
  5. Four Bridesmaids
  6. Groom
  7. Parents of the Bride walk back half way and stand on either side of the aisle
  8. Bride enters, her parents meet her half way down the aisle and escort her to the Groom

This typically requires four pieces of music:

  1. Officiant through the Parents of the Groom
  2. Groomsmen and Bridesmaids
  3. Groom and Parents of the Bride walking back half way
  4. Bride

We would need a fifth piece for the recessional at the end of the ceremony, and maybe another for something during the ceremony itself.

What music to choose? It’s your wedding, so it’s up to you! It can be all classical, all pop, all Jewish, or any mix you like. In general, though, slow, stately pieces are best for the procession, and something more upbeat is best for the recessional. We have links to recordings of us playing many of the most popular choices on our wedding ceremony music page. If you prefer classical music for your ceremony, here are some recommendations from our list you can listen to for the scenario above:

  1. Officiant, Parents of the Bride, and Parents of the Groom – Air from Water Music – Handel
  2. Groomsmen and Bridesmaids – Four Seasons Winter – Vivaldi
  3. Groom and Parents of the Bride walking back half way – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart
  4. Bride – Canon in D – Pachelbel
  5. Recessional – Four Seasons Spring – Vivaldi

Every wedding ceremony varies, but this should give you a good idea about how to go about organizing and choosing your music.

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