Standard Wedding Timeline

This is an example of a typical wedding reception timeline. Of course, your wedding could be quite different. One reason this works is because it coordinates the events with the food service. Toasts, for instance, never take place while the servers are putting down a course or clearing the tables, so there are no distractions. Music is used to create the proper atmosphere at each point during the evening, building the mood to prepare the guests for dancing. I hope this gives you some ideas about your own wedding and how music plays a crucial role in a successful reception. Continue reading Standard Wedding Timeline

Jamie and Peter’s Wedding – Oak Brook Marriott

Congratulations, Peter and Jamie! We love it when we are given the opportunity to do a repeat performance. We played the first wedding for this family back in 2007, then played for them again on 4/26/14. The parents of the bride put on spectacular parties both times, and we were so pleased to rock the house again for them.

Rehearsal Dinner Music

musiciansHave you considered having some background music for your rehearsal dinner? It’s really a great idea that creates an elegant, upbeat atmosphere at a volume that’s conducive to conversation, and can be effortlessly coordinated with your toasts. You want music for your reception dinner, so why not the rehearsal dinner as well? Depending on your venue, the number of guests, your tastes, and your budget, we have lots of options to make your evening perfect – everything from just piano or other solo instruments, to a small jazz or string group. Add that special touch of elegance to your rehearsal dinner with music from Peter Hennes Productions!

Selecting Your Wedding Ceremony Music

ceremonyOur clients often have us play for their wedding ceremony and need our help organizing and selecting music. We normally play for about a half hour as the guests are arriving and being seated and a half hour for the ceremony. Most brides and grooms request a variety of classical pieces for the seating of the guests, leaving the choice to us, but we can also mix in some popular or Jewish music if desired.

Brides and grooms are most involved in choosing music for the ceremony itself. The best way to approach this is to first have a final order for the procession, so that we can see where the logical places to change music would be. Typically, we need to choose one to three pieces for everyone until the bride. The bride needs a piece of her own, and we need some music for the recessional. Let’s look at a simple procession example: Continue reading Selecting Your Wedding Ceremony Music