Band Videos – Live Or Not?

How can brides and grooms tell if a band’s videos are live, so they can be sure of what they are getting?

If you can’t see an audience and the band interacting with them, or if you see multiple camera angles with fancy edits, or if all the songs are at the same venue, chances are extremely good that you are not watching the band performing at an event. If the videos are not live, they can be recorded again and again until the band feels they have the perfect take. If the soundtrack is recorded in a studio, which is what many bands do, the recordings can be fixed so that the instruments sound perfect and the vocals can be “auto tuned” with software to keep them on pitch. Then the band can rent a space to film the video in and mime to the prerecorded music. The truth is, if you don’t see live videos of a band, you have no idea whatsoever of how they really sound, and that can lead to an extremely disappointing performance at your wedding. In the age of YouTube, I’d be very suspicious of a band that has no live video posted on their website or makes you come to meet with them before they will show you their clips.

Jamie and Peter’s Wedding – Oak Brook Marriott

Congratulations, Peter and Jamie! We love it when we are given the opportunity to do a repeat performance. We played the first wedding for this family back in 2007, then played for them again on 4/26/14. The parents of the bride put on spectacular parties both times, and we were so pleased to rock the house again for them.

Why We Started The Peter Hennes Orchestra

I’ve played guitar since I was ten years old. By the time I was eleven, it had virtually taken over my life. It was all I really cared about. I formed my first band in fourth grade. I have always played weddings. I did my first performance at a wedding at age thirteen, and I actually got paid!

When I went to college, I tried to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a doctor. During my two years of pre-med at University of Michigan, though I was getting great grades in school, all I was really doing was playing guitar! I decided to be what I already was – a musician. I went to Berklee College of Music in Boston for four years and graduated Cum Laude. Continue reading Why We Started The Peter Hennes Orchestra

Another Great Google Review!

Nothing makes us happier than knowing we did a great job for our clients on one of the most significant nights of their lives! Here is another Google review from the father of the bride on August 3:

“I am writing this review for all the Mom’s and Dad’s out there who are searching high and low for the perfect package to throw a fairytale wedding for their little Princess. My wife and I went from banquet hall to banquet hall meeting General Managers and Orchestra Leaders before we narrowed down our search. We knew that a successful fairytale wedding would require a beautiful facility, Victoria in the Park, led by an outstanding host, Arvey DiMaria, putting out exceptional food accompanied by out of this world music by the Peter Hennes Orchestra. From my first communication with Peter I knew that this was the person that I trusted to control the pace and tone of one of the most important days of our lives. Continue reading Another Great Google Review!

Tips For Choosing A Wedding Band

I was asked to provide a chapter for the book “Planning the Perfect Wedding” in a question and answer format. If you have never before hired a band, it can seem like a daunting process. I hope you find this helpful!

What should a couple consider when choosing between a live band and a DJ?
A live band will always give a more upscale image to a party. Because of the nature of live music, a band can interact with an audience and adjust to their needs much more readily, which helps greatly to keep the guests dancing. A good band will not only play well, but will generate visual interest through their stage show, enabling a connection with the audience and a level of excitement that is simply not possible with a DJ. Continue reading Tips For Choosing A Wedding Band