Adler Planetarium Wedding 9/4/11

The Adler Planetarium is a fabulous venue for a wedding with some of the most incredible views of the Chicago skyline I’ve ever seen. Here’s what the groom had to say about our performance:

The Peter Hennes Orchestra is an extraordinary band. They played at my wedding and blew everyone away. Their music is so seductively great they got everyone dancing from the very get go. And at midnight the crowd was chanting “One more hour, one more hour!” An overwhelming number of guests said it was the best wedding band they’ve ever seen. I think they’re simply one of the best BANDS I’ve ever seen. Furthermore, Peter is a class act. As much talent as he brings to the table, he knows exactly how to put the focus on you and your guests during speeches and other such wedding traditions. He provides a most graceful segue for these moments, and then effortlessly brings the party back to a high octane celebration. Hire the Peter Hennes Orchestra and do not look back!

Here’s a video of our last song of the evening, which was Don’t Stop Believin’. I love how the crowd starts chanting “one more hour, one more hour” at the end!

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