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  • I was fortunate to be Peter’s student some 30 or so years ago. He took a largely clueless but musically inspired young fellow and managed to give me the tools to make a living as a musician ever since. Not a day goes by that I don’t use material he taught me as a player and as an instructor. He is a great player and teacher! Thanks Pete!! – Doug Kees. Newnan, Ga.

  • I studied with Peter at Georgia State University in the mid 80’s. Peter was not only a wonderful person but a great musician. He even subbed on bass guitar with our band Pryme Tyme in Atlanta from time to time. If it was not for Peter I would have never made it to the next level. I have always made my living as a musician/educator and feel lucky to be able to call Peter a friend. If you have the opportunity to study with Peter, do it! You will be glad that you did. – Trey Brewer Director of Guitar St. Johns County Center for the Arts, St. Augustine Florida

  • Peter is a fantastic teacher! I studied with him for 4 years at Georgia State University, where he taught me not only the guitar but also Jazz Theory and Improvisation, and how to really play with other people. I have been teaching guitar now for 28 years, and I talk about Peter to my own students all the time. He has been a huge influence on my guitar playing and also as a person. I can’t recommend him enough!- Howard Parks Guitarist and Instructor in Atlanta, GA.

  • I call him the Maestro for good reason! Whatever your skill level, Peter will work with you to achieve your goals as a guitar player. He is an encyclopedia of musical knowledge and can guide you on equipment, effects, amps, guitars, etc. His lessons include the why of musical theory as well as the how to play. He has made me a better guitar player and holds me accountable for weekly drills and improvement. Cannot recommend any higher…thanks Maestro
    Stevie Ray Wannabe

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